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UDS-L, Dallas Day One

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Well, I finally made it to a Ubuntu Developer Summit. It’s been great to put some faces on the names I interact with on mailing-lists and read in changelogs.

I don’t really have much to pontificate on so this will be quick, but there are a couple things to share.

My roommate ending up being Daniel Fore, designer of the elementary icon set that the Humanity icons are based on. So I was able to help get them up on a PPA.

You can grab packages based on the latests Bazaar trunk for Karmic.

I mostly focused on attending sessions on bug management and distributed development today. I saved copies of the gobby notes for each session I attended:

The plenary session demoing Quickly made me excited to dive back into python. The videos aren’t up yet, but there are previous screen-casts showing it off.


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November 17, 2009 at 4:56 am

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Bazaar Explorer 0.9.0 Now in PPA

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One of the things that I’ve always loved about bzr is that it is a powerful yet intuitive solution for version control. Now Bazaar Explorer, a wonderful cross-platform Qt-based GUI front-end to the Bazaar VCS, is making it even easier. Whether you’re just getting started with DVCS or you just prefer a graphical environment, you should really check it out. (You can take a tour here.)

There’s been a Windows installer for Bazaar Explorer for awhile, and of course the source code is over there on Launchpad. Even though Bazaar’s plugin system makes it simple to install it on Linux from source, it just doesn’t feel like it’s keeping with the theme of making things easy. So I went and packaged it for Ubuntu!

You can now grab it from the Bazaar Explorer PPA. It should be entering Debian Unstable and Ubuntu Lucid in the near future, but we want to give you PPA users the chance to kick the tires first. Just add ppa:bzr-explorer-dev/ppa to your system’s Software Sources.

There are packages for Karmic, Jaunty, Intrepid, and Hardy in the PPA, but please note that as bzr-explorer depends on bzr (>= 1.14) and qbzr (>= 0.11), users of Ubuntu releases before Karmic will also need to add the PPA for Bazaar Developers.  Also be aware that Hardy users might have some issues as parts of Explorer (e.g. the Preferences dialog) depend on Qt/PyQt 4.4.  (See: Bug #429549). That said, every thing should be working smoothly in Karmic.

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November 4, 2009 at 4:26 am

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GNOME-Colors in Karmic

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With hundreds of thousands of downloads on GNOME-Look, GNOME-Colors (and its friends Shiki-Colors and Arc-Colors) is with out a doubt one of the most popular themes around for the GNOME desktop. It’s no surprise with  six different color themes and the ability to match you icon theme, GTK+ theme, GDM theme, and wallpaper. Victor (aka perfectska04) has put together a wonderful set, and it’s about time that they are in the Ubuntu archives.

I’m pleased to announce that they are now all just a simple apt-get install away in Karmic.

The meta-packages gnome-colors, arc-colors, and shiki-colors will pull in all six color variations. For those with low bandwidth or expensive connections, you can also just install single variations: gnome-{brave, dust, human, noble, wine, or wise}-icon-theme, shiki-{brave, dust, human, noble, wine, or wise}-theme, and arc-{brave, dust, human, noble, wine, or wise}. There’s also a Xfwm/Xfce4 theme: shiki-colors-xfwm-theme.

For those still running Hardy, Intrepid, or Jaunty, we’re also running a GNOME-Colors PPA where you will always be able to grab the latest versions.

So much thanks to Victor for the themes and being so open to making changes upstream that made things easier for us to package and Benjamin Drung for all his work to make this happen.

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July 8, 2009 at 6:59 am

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PPAs and Daily Builds

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So earlier today I was throwing together a script to publish bzr snapshots to a PPA. My use case was pretty simple. It’s a debian native package. So the packaging and upstream are one and the same, so no need to merge branches or make sure patches apply cleanly. Basically just pull, build, and publish with a little bit of magic to set the versions correctly.

But as I know there are a number of PPAs publishing snapshots of upstream sources, I wanted to take a look around and see what others are using. Unfortunetely, there doesn’t really seem to be a location pointing to a list of projects or with general information on how to go about doing this. So here are some of the things I came across, just to put it one place. Maybe it’s time for a wiki page?

First of all, James Westby is up to something really exciting with bzr-builder (a plugin for bzr written in python) and Daily Debs. The basic idea is to make doing nightly builds of upstream projects almost trivial by using simple recipe files while bzr-builder does all the heavy lifting. A recipie file could look as simple as this:

branch lp:foo
merge lp:foo/debian-pkg

I can’t wait to see where this is going and to hear more about the discussions around it at UDS.

You can find the spec here:

The code for bzr-builder is here:

And a PPA of bzr-builder made with bzr-builder is here:

Some of the most used daily build PPAs are probably the Mozilla Daily Builds and  Chromium Daily Builds. Along with the gwibber-daily PPA, these are run by Fabien Tassin. The bash scripts he uses to produce them can be found here:

Project Neon has a PPA delivering nighly builds of Amarok and other KDE goodies. The build scripts are written in Ruby and hosted on KDE’s svn:

Anyone else doing something cool? Know where to find some more examples?

Oh, ya. Might as well post this too….

Just because everyone else is doing it...
Just because everyone else is doing it…

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June 10, 2009 at 5:46 am

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